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A Will is an essential part of a complete estate plan to distribute your estate according to your wishes .   The will can  provide for the special needs and circumstances of your beneficiaries and gives you the degree of control you desire.  It can also help to minimize probate fees and taxes, and reduce expenses to your estate.  Many  people may  not want  a complex estate plan prepared at considerable expense.  If you believe that you require only a basic will, then you may find this to be of assistance.

To request a basic will, complete the form below.  When  the information you submit has been  reviewed, you will be contacted if there are further questions..  Otherwise, arrangements can be made for you sign a will prepared based upon the information you have provided.

 It is strongly recommended that you first read the articles on this website about estate planning and especially the article on preparing a will and estate plan 

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If you have any questions on estate planning or other legal matters,   please contact Sucha S. Ollek at: info@e-law.bc.ca.