Wills & Estates:

The following articles deal in general terms with wills and estates.  The articles provide information only on the basic issues.  These articles are not intended as legal advice.  Before making any decisions affecting your estate, or your future, you should seek legal advice from a qualified and experienced solicitor.

Do I Need an Estate Plan?

The basics of an estate and how it can help you carry out your wishes, minimize cost and expense and provide for the proper care of your family
Should I Act as an Executor? The rights, duties and responsibilities of an executor
Power of Attorney: Questions and Answers Basics about powers of attorney
Springing Power of  Attorney:  What is it? Why you might need one.
Use An Estate Freeze to Minimize Taxes  If you a business owner, things you might consider to reduce taxes and maximize your estate.
Use a Shareholders Agreement to Protect Your Estate How a shareholders agreement can be used to make sure your family benefits your efforts.
Rights of Common Law Spouses Rights of common-law spouses on the death of a partner/spouse
Care Agreements: Protection for Seniors How to ensure you get the care you need while protecting both you and your caregiver.
If you have any questions on the issues discussed above, or on any legal issues  in general, please contact Sucha S. Ollek at: info@e-law.bc.ca.